LOB-E Legend Of Blue-Eyes Singles 1st Edition (Holos Rare & Commons)Yugioh Cards

LOB-E Legend Of Blue-Eyes Singles 1st Edition (Holos Rare & Commons)Yugioh Cards

LOB-E Legend Of Blue-Eyes Singles 1st Edition (Holos Rare & Commons)Yugioh Cards
Here we have for sale individually all the 103 different Yugioh cards from the set Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon in 1. These cards are for sale individually to see the price for each card please select the specific card & condition in the drop-down menus above.

This is one of my many multi-item Yugioh card listings so please feel free to browse my store to see more. PHOTOS ARE STOCK PHOTOS (Photos available on request). (Mint / Near Mint) - Possibly some light edge/corner wear. (Good Condition) - Some medium edge/corner wear, possibly some light creasing.

(Okay / Bad Condition) - Heavy edge/corner wear and possibly some creasing. ScR - Tri-Horned Dragon LOB-E000 Secret Rare.

UR - Blue-Eyes White Dragon LOB-E001 Ultra Rare. C - Skull Servant LOB-E002 Common. UR - Dark Magician LOB-E003 Ultra Rare.

UR - Gaia the Fierce Knight LOB-E004 Ultra Rare. SR - Celtic Guardian LOB-E005 Super Rare. C - Basic Insect LOB-E006 Common. C - Silver Fang LOB-E007 Common.

C - Dark Gray LOB-E008 Common. C - Nemuriko LOB-E009 Common.

C - The 13th Grave LOB-E010 Common. R - Charubin the Fire Knight LOB-E011 Rare. C - Flame Manipulator LOB-E012 Common. C - Monster Egg LOB-E013 Common.

C - Firegrass LOB-E014 Common. R - Darkfire Dragon LOB-E015 Rare. C - Dark King of the Abyss LOB-E016 Common.

C - Fiend Reflection #2 LOB-E017 Common. C - Turtle Tiger LOB-E018 Common. C - Petit Dragon LOB-E019 Common. C - Hinotama Soul LOB-E020 Common.

R - Aqua Madoor LOB-E021 Rare. C - Kagemusha of the Blue Flame LOB-E022 Common. R - Flame Ghost LOB-E023 Rare.

C - Two-Mouth Darkruler LOB-E024 Common. C - Dissolverock LOB-E025 Common. C - Root Water LOB-E026 Common.

C - The Furious Sea King LOB-E027 Common. C - Green Phantom King LOB-E028 Common. C - Ray & Temperature LOB-E029 Common. C - King Fog LOB-E030 Common. C - Legendary Sword LOB-E031 Short Print. C - Beast Fangs LOB-E032 Short Print. C - Violet Crystal LOB-E033 Short Print.

C - Book of Secret Arts LOB-E034 Short Print. R - Dragon Capture Jar LOB-E035 Rare.

C - Forest LOB-E036 Common. C - Wasteland LOB-E037 Common. C - Sogen LOB-E038 Common.

C - Umi LOB-E039 Common. C - Yami LOB-E040 Common.

SR - Dark Hole LOB-E041 Super Rare. SR - Raigeki LOB-E042 Super Rare. C - Red Medicine LOB-E043 Common. C - Sparks LOB-E044 Common.

R - Fissure LOB-E045 Rare. SR - Trap Hole LOB-E046 Super Rare.

SR - Polymerization LOB-E047 Super Rare. C - Remove Trap LOB-E048 Common. R - Two-Pronged Attack LOB-E049 Rare. SR - Mystical Elf LOB-E050 Super Rare. C - Tyhone LOB-E051 Common.

R - Gravedigger Ghoul LOB-E052 Rare. SR - Curse of Dragon LOB-E053 Super Rare. R - Giant Soldier of Stone LOB-E054 Rare.

C - Uraby LOB-E055 Common. UR - Red-Eyes Black Dragon LOB-E056 Ultra Rare. R - Reaper of the Cards LOB-E057 Rare. C - Witty Phantom LOB-E058 Common. C - Hard Armor LOB-E059 Common.

C - Man Eater LOB-E060 Common. R - Spirit of the Harp LOB-E061 Rare.

C - Armaill LOB-E062 Common. C - Terra the Terrible LOB-E063 Common. C - Kumootoko LOB-E064 Common. C - Meda Bat LOB-E065 Common. C - Enchanting Mermaid LOB-E066 Common. C - Fireyarou LOB-E067 Common. C - Dark Energy LOB-E068 Short Print. C - Laser Cannon Armor LOB-E069 Short Print.

C - Vile Germs LOB-E070 Short Print. C - Silver Bow and Arrow LOB-E071 Short Print.

C - Dragon Treasure LOB-E072 Short Print. C - Electro-Whip LOB-E073 Common. C - Mystical Moon LOB-E074 Short Print. R - Stop Defense LOB-E075 Rare.

C - Machine Conversion Factory LOB-E076 Short Print. C - Raise Body Heat LOB-E077 Super Short Print. C - Follow Wind LOB-E078 Super Short Print. C - Goblin's Secret Remedy LOB-E079 Common. R - Final Flame LOB-E080 Rare.

SR - Swords of Revealing Light LOB-E081 Super Rare. R - Metal Dragon LOB-E082 Rare. C - Spike Seadra LOB-E083 Common. C - Tripwire Beast LOB-E084 Common. C - Skull Red Bird LOB-E085 Common.

C - Armed Ninja LOB-E086 Common. R - Flower Wolf LOB-E087 Rare. SR - Man-Eater Bug LOB-E088 Super Rare. C - Misairuzame LOB-E089 Common. C - Steel Ogre Grotto #1 LOB-E090 Common.

C - Lesser Dragon LOB-E091 Common. C - Darkworld Thorns LOB-E092 Common.

C - Drooling Lizard LOB-E093 Common. C - Armored Starfish LOB-E094 Common. C - Succubus Knight LOB-E095 Common. UR - Monster Reborn LOB-E096 Ultra Rare.

UR - Right Leg of the Forbidden One LOB-E097 Ultra Rare. UR - Left Leg of the Forbidden One LOB-E098 Ultra Rare. UR - Right Arm of the Forbidden One LOB-E099 Ultra Rare. UR - Left Arm of the Forbidden One LOB-E100 Ultra Rare. UR - Exodia the Forbidden One LOB-E101 Ultra Rare.

ScR - Gaia the Dragon Champion LOB-E102 Secret Rare. For more detailed information on condition or any other question's please message me and i will reply asap. This item is in the category "Collectables\Collectable Card Games\CCG Individual Cards". The seller is "alexjkw-2008" and is located in this country: GB. This item can be shipped worldwide.

LOB-E Legend Of Blue-Eyes Singles 1st Edition (Holos Rare & Commons)Yugioh Cards

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